The Golden Kill

The Golden Kill

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Alone and outgunned, Sand has two weeks to stop the largest gold heist in history The Chinese diplomat walks into the revolving door just a step ahead of the grenade. Samurai Robert Sand is too late to save him from the blast, but as the smoke clears he is hot on the grenade-tossera€™s heels. In Central Park, Sand disarms the killer and knocks him unconscious. His name is Ivan Vanich, and he is posing as a Soviet operative. His real employer is a power-mad millionaire, who arranged the hit as part of a plot to upend a Russo-Chinese trading contract and seize the profits for himself. The diplomat in the revolving door was only the first to die. On special orders from an ex-president, Sand races to avert catastrophe. His hunt for answers takes him to a sprawling English castle, where the samurai comes face to face with the man who would let millions die for the sake of gold.Ahead of him in the darkness he saw the first man, the mana#39;s hooded green poncho slick and wet, both of his hands ... A small white panel truckwith a€œGregory Wiring, Inc.a€ written on both sides stood just inside thehangar and nearthe leftwall . Two men with shotguns were inside the truck, the freezer behind them inacorner .

Title:The Golden Kill
Author:Marc Olden
Publisher:Overamstel Uitgevers - 2012-07-17


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