The Gold Star Investment Strategy

The Gold Star Investment Strategy

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The Gold Star Investment Strategy is a must read for every American who is interested in saving and investing for the future. Today, more than ever before saving and investing is such a necessity that cannot be ignored. The days of company pensions and social security providing financial security are just about gone. Too many Americans are living dangerously pay check to pay check and others are saving but receiving investment advice from incompetent sources. The Gold Star Investment Strategy is a great strategy for saving and building wealth. Chapter I describes the strategy and shows how easy the strategy is to use. It also describes how truly diversified the strategy is and the necessity behind this diversification. I wrote this book because of my many, many, many years of studying economics and during that time have witnessed so many financial experts at the Federal Reserve, the Treasury, the colleges and universities, the investment community, the business community (including financial planners and investment advisors on TV and news media) giving such incompetent financial advice to the American public. My love of economic has produced a great strategy that is fool proof and easy to understand and use. The Gold Star Investment Strategy is unique in its diversification and ability to stand alone without the need for investment advice from other sources.for the stock portion of the strategy and the investor is adding to the position as the stock is falling this would prove to be disastrous if the company ... That is why for the Gold Star Investment Strategy we only choose high grade vehicles for each component that an investor can ... by utilizing safety and diversification to build a cash account to allow the investor to have his cash account work for him or her.

Title:The Gold Star Investment Strategy
Author:John Shannon
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-03


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