The Gods Declare

The Gods Declare

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Deep in her soul, Stephanie Whitfield believes that unseen, sinister forces have been dictating her life making it a living hell. As she walks confidently into the hospital to begin her medical career, no one watching would ever suspect that this fiery, ambitious woman tasted her first blood when she was just twelve years old. Stephanie is nurturing an unconscionable quest for vengeance. Stunningly beautiful Angel Stevens is an unassuming woman with a tragic past. Now, she is consumed with morbid fear; in less than twenty-four hours, she too will be a victim her vital organs taken and shipped to save the life of an ailing politician. With no one to turn to, Angel is praying for a miracle. Retired Lieutenant Bernard Obrien has already come close to death more than once. A decorated war hero who has just awakened from a crippling depression, Obrien has no idea that death once again hovers in the shadows, threatening to seize the life he has just rebuilt. In this gripping tale, the tumultuous lives of three extraordinary individuals are about to collide and culminate in an unthinkable string of catastrophic events that stun the LAPD, the FBI, the city of Los Angeles, and even beyond.Ro was proudly touting a dryer and washer. a€œ...see, this Whirlpool Duet Sports Series conveniently connects the kitchen and the garage. Magnificent isna#39;t it? And this hallway leads out of the living room to over here. This is the master bedroom.

Title:The Gods Declare
Author:William Degraftcoleman
Publisher:iUniverse - 2012-03


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