The Global Village Myth

The Global Village Myth

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Porter challenges the powerful ideology of qGlobalismq that is widely subscribed to by the US national security community. Globalism entails visions of a perilous shrunken world in which security interests are interconnected almost without limit, exposing even powerful states to instant war. Globalism does not just describe the world, but prescribes expansive strategies to deal with it, portraying a fragile globe that the superpower must continually tame into order. Porter argues that this vision of the world has resulted in the US undertaking too many unnecessary military adventures and dangerous strategic overstretch. Distance and geography should be some of the factors that help the US separate the important from the unimportant in international relations. The US should also recognize that, despite the latest technologies, projecting power over great distances still incurs frictions and costs that set real limits on American power. Reviving an appreciation of distance and geography would lead to a more sensible and sustainable grand strategy.Peter John Paul Krause, a€œThe Last Good Chance: A Reassessment of US Operations at Tora Bora, a€ Security Studies 17 ... Studies, 2012), 176a€“216; US- Taiwan Business Council, The Balance of Air Power in the Taiwan Strait ( Arlington, VA: May 2010). ... Field Manual 3-34.2, Combined Arms-Breaching Operations (Washington, DC: US Department of the Army, August 31, 2002), paragraph 1.32. 82. 83.

Title:The Global Village Myth
Author:Patrick Porter
Publisher:Georgetown University Press - 2015-01-27


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