The Gilligan Principle

The Gilligan Principle

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In today's pop culture, many use Darwin's teachings in an attempt to explain away the profound marvel of our existence as nothing more than the product of random accident. The Gilligan Principle by Steve Lee offers a critical rebuff to this philosophy, detailing both the impossible technical problems facing the formation of the many complex components of life by random means, while also discussing the detrimental effects this modern philosophy has had on society as a whole. Drawing upon fundamental scientific principles, hard logic and a range of discoveries that demonstrate the remarkable sophistication and elegance found in a living cell (e.g. DNA, qthe world's smallest motorq, hemoglobin, etc.), Lee underscores the impossibility of this oft quoted, yet vacuous qexplanationq for life. Blending Scientific research with social commentary, The Gilligan Principle goes beyond the technical problems confronting Darwinism, focusing on the alarming rise in social dysfunction precipitated by a culture that embraces the qme-firstq, animal impulse paradigm for society. The Gilligan Principle is a must read for those interested in both the technical problems that sharply challenge the random accident explanation for life, as well as the alarming rise in social dysfunction now tearing our societies apart, and which now threatens to push modern civilization to a very dark end.Considering the monumental problems random chance would face to correctly reconfigure a speciesa#39; DNA coding into an ... than seeing similarities between a Model T and a ford fusion proves one evolved into the other purely as the result ofanbsp;...

Title:The Gilligan Principle
Author:Steve Lee
Publisher:Booktango - 2013-07-23


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