The Geopolitical Aesthetic

The Geopolitical Aesthetic

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qThe Geopolitical Aesthetic is a dazzling... distillation and application of the theoretical system he first presented in The Political Unconscious (1981).q a€”The San Francisco Bay Guardian Taking contemporary films from the United States, Russia, Taiwan, France, and the Philippines, The Geopolitical Aesthetic offers a reading of some of the most interesting films of the last decade and a general account of filmic representation in the postmodern world. Fredric Jameson poses some essential questions: How does representation function in contemporary film? How does contemporary cinema represent an ever more complex and international social reality? Jamesona€™s sophisticated and theoretically informed readings stress the ways in which disparate filmsa€”for example, Godarda€™s Passion, Pakulaa€™s All the Presidenta€™s Men, Yanga€™s The Terrorizer, Tahimika€™s The Perfumed Nightmare, Tarkovskya€™s Andrei Roubleva€”confront similar problems of representation. The solutions vary widely but the drive remains the samea€”the desire to find adequate allegories for our social existence. The Geopolitical Aesthetic, a refinement and development of the arguments put forward in Jamesona€™s seminal work The Political Unconscious, is crucial reading for everyone interested in both film analysis and cultural studies.One of the great excitement of this book is the way that the perspective it obtains enables an entirely fresh look at the whole question of film, and politics.

Title:The Geopolitical Aesthetic
Author:Fredric Jameson
Publisher:Indiana University Press - 1995


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