The Garden and the Ghetto

The Garden and the Ghetto

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When God created man, He did so with the intention that man would live in perfect harmony with his Creator and with the rest of natural creation; however, mana€™s disobedience fractured the relationship and opened the door for pain, heartache, disaster, and even death to enter the world. Goda€™s original intention has not changeda€”He still desires that His children enjoy the fullness of all He has to offer. The Garden and the Ghetto is a collection of stories that illustrate the continued effects of obedience and disobedience, as well as essays that teach us how to return to a garden existence with the One who made us. Just as disobedience pushed mankind out of the perfect environment Father created for him, obedience is the key to once again living in a spiritual place where the abundance of His blessings are real every day. The stories are based on the lives of men and women with whom we have shared victories and defeats at City of Refuge through the years. Some have decided to live in a pattern of a€œlong obediencea€ and continue to thrive. Some are still in the process of deciding which way to go, and others chose their own way. The results of the decisions made by Russell, Roxy, Shawn, Vanessa, Harold, Greg, and Dennis are representative of all of humanity. Some choose to rely on the words and pictures of God; others choose to believe they can make their own way. The results speak for themselvesHe was the envy of every real man in the community, except Bobby Payne with the a#39;68 Camaro, a mechanized beast with a 396 and Hurst shifter, which leaves all other ... a€œYou know how old cars are and how much money it takes to fix one up.

Title:The Garden and the Ghetto
Author:Jeff Deel
Publisher:WestBow Press - 2011-12


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