The Game Culture Reader

The Game Culture Reader

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In The Game Culture Reader, editors Jason C. Thompson and Marc A. Ouellette propose that Game Studiesa€”that peculiar multi-, inter-, and trans-disciplinary field wherein international researchers from such diverse areas as rhetoric, computer science, literary studies, culture studies, psychology, media studies and so on come together to study the production, distribution, and consumption of gamesa€”has reached an unproductive stasis. Its scholarship remains either divided (as in the narratologists versus ludologists debate) or indecisive (as in its frequently apolitical stances on play and fandom). Thompson and Ouellette firmly hold that scholarship should be distinguished from the repetitively reductive commonplaces of violence, sexism, and addiction. In other words, beyond the headline-friendly modern topoi that now dominate the discourse of Game Studies, what issues, approaches, and insights are being, if not erased, then displaced? This volume gathers together a host of scholars from different countries, institutions, disciplines, departments, and ranks, in order to present original and evocative scholarship on digital game culture. Collectively, the contributors reject the commonplaces that have come to define digital games as apolitical or as somehow outside of the imbricated processes of cultural production that govern the medium itself. As an alternative, they offer essays that explore video game theory, ludic spaces and temporalities, and video game rhetorics. Importantly, the authors emphasize throughout that digital games should be understood on their own terms: literally, this assertion necessitates the serious reconsideration of terms borrowed from other academic disciplines; figuratively, the claim embeds the embrace of game play in the continuing investigation of digital games as cultural forms. Put another way, by questioning the received wisdom that would consign digital games to irrelevant spheres of harmless childa€™s play or of invidious mass entertainment, the authors productively engage with ludic ambiguities.Figure 7-6: Different screens from FIFA Manager 10 (from the top left corner in clockwise direction). ... Figure 7-13: By using the software BWChart and discussing their results online, players produce a bell curve representing the normal APM ... Figure 11-2: Page six of the Instruction Manual for Medal of Honor : Rising Sun.

Title:The Game Culture Reader
Author:Jason Thompson
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-07-18


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