The Forever Man

The Forever Man

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In ages past, the Templar Knights were the only true force for good, battling evil in the hope that man would move into a time of enlightenment. Frustrated that they were making the same mistakes generation after generation, a plan was devised. Tapping into a base magic that was used during the time of creation; the Templars extended the life of one of their order to become their teacher and guide, their Forever Man. This knighta€™s name was Lecturo. Always well protected, evil could not touch him and the power of Light started to make great advancements over evil. If the darkness could not kill him, they did the next best thing. During the Christmas Festival, they placed a powerful drug in his wine. When a toast was called for to honor the birth of Christ, Lecturoa€™s mind was wiped of memories. What good was a teacher that could not even remember his own name? Generations past before Lecturo finally started to regain some of his memories and remember who and what he was. Once again the Templar Teacher, Lecturo formed a new team of good hearts and pure souls to again battle evil wherever it tried to change the course of man away from the path of the Light.His first stop was at the tractor repair shop to see if there was anyone asking for a fixer upper. John saw the ... John knew the make and model of the tractor and ... The shop had a lawn tractor with a hitch on the front to pull around trailers with.

Title:The Forever Man
Author:James Colson
Publisher:Booktango - 2015-02-20


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