The Foreman/Supervisor’s Handbook

The Foreman/Supervisor’s Handbook

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The Foreman/Supervisor's Handbook is offered as a com prehensive and authoritative text which presents the kind of prac tical information the foreman or supervisor needs in order to be effective on the job. It completely revises and updates The Foreman's Handbook, a work which, through four previous edi tions, has become the standard text in its field. The term qforeman/supervisorq in the title of the new edition was decided upon by the editors despite a reluctance to tamper with a well established name, in recognition of a change in usage which has come about over the years. qSupervisorq is now more generally used in industry for the first level of management and is espe cially appropriate since the emerging role of women in super visory (and higher) positions has rendered the earlier, gender specific term less properly descriptive. Moreover, although the orientation of the book is to manufacturing operations, the prin ciples and techniques discussed have wide application in office operations, where the term qsupervisorq is the designation uni versally used. To retain continuity with the previous editions, the compromise term qforeman/supervisorq was adopted. As in previous editions, each chapter is written by an authority in the ~ubject covered. Each, morever, stands on its own feet, i. e. , it can be read as a separate article, independent of preceding or succeeding chapters.This includes making the equipment available for Maintenance needs. A foreman can turn a preventive maintenance program into a negative management effort if he does not cooperate and allow Maintenance to do its thing. a€c Minor or majoranbsp;...

Title:The Foreman/Supervisor’s Handbook
Author:Carl Heyel
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2012-12-06


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