The Fishbowl Principle

The Fishbowl Principle

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At the core, it doesn't matter what you believe governs the fate of man and Earth, what matters is that humans, as a global society, build a future that is sustainable and peaceful. This is the ultimate human evolutionary development, this is our challenge. By tracing our existence from where we began to what we have become today, this book explores the evolution and, should we continue on our current path, the subsequent possible obsolescence of human beings. Far from a doomsday tome, The Fishbowl Principle challenges readers to expand their worldview. We need to change our measure of a successful life from simply existing to prospering. The authors refuse to accept that life as we exist today is qas good as it gets.q We argue that humans have reached a fragile tipping point; and that instead of fragmenting and isolating ourselves in a future of despair, we can and will work together to an even higher apex. As a human race, we examine what can be achieved if we look to our similarities instead of our differences. If we could harness communication as a powerful and cost effective tool to bring us together and educate ourselves in a way that fosters sustainable and responsible population growth, the positive transformation to our lives would be immeasurable. Whether you exist today as a peasant in a tribal setting or as an urban dweller we explore fostering a sense of global community based on common ground, not just niche existence. We present tangible alternatives and pose thought-provoking questions. Our vision is a collaborative one, and requires your participation. A path back to evolution starts with you, and includes all of us.The Path to Power: The Years of Lyndon B. Johnson, Volume 1. ... (inactive 26 June 2008). relativity. 1-1/index.html (Retrieved on January 16, 2009). Carter ... Online: publications/pdf/apple.pdf (Retrievedon February 6, 2009). ... Online: www. economist. com/finance/displaystory.cfm?story_id= 109265 02 (Retrieved on February 12, 2009).

Title:The Fishbowl Principle
Author:Gendelman, Karen Miller, Taus
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2009-12


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