The Fire of the Eclipse

The Fire of the Eclipse

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The world of 18-year old Valairia Sullivan begins to fall apart when her troubled older brother, Charles, dies from a heroin overdose. Violent and traumatic events fill her days as she mourns his loss. Far away in the Wrightwood forest resides a mysterious group of women who want to help heal Valairia of the dangerous power that now resides within her. But the strange and beautiful man who has been sent to guide her to Wrightwood, fills Valairia's heart with terror and irresistible seduction. She fears he may be a cruel spirit, or the loss of her own sanity. The fate of the world is at risk in this classic romantic battle between good and evil. Set in the glamorous and fast-paced world of Los Angeles and merging into the haunting forests of the San Bernardino mountains, enriched with pop culture, raw emotional conflicts, eroticism, and fantastical plot twists, The Fire of the Eclipse will suck you in during the full cycle of the moon.She loved how charming he could be. ... to feel a nervous, sick sensation in her stomach, like how she felt when she took her drivera#39;s permit test when she was 16. Till this day, she still insisted that it was that nausea that made her miss four of some of the stupidest, easiest questions like who has the right ofway in a 4-way stop sign intersection. ... She remembered how much she dreaded telling Charles.

Title:The Fire of the Eclipse
Author:Melissa Finch
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-10


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