The Financial Times Guide to Leadership ePub eBook

The Financial Times Guide to Leadership ePub eBook

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The Financial Times Guide to Leadership is a one-stop shop for professionals at every stage of their leadership journey. Whether youa€™re just starting out or are looking to upgrade your current skills, this practical guide takes you through the core building tools of self-awareness, influence and execution. With thought-provoking exercises and action points throughout, plus handy chapter summaries for when you need to access information, this book is your roadmap to becoming a better leader. This definitive guide to leadership includes: What good leadership looks like How to build your own leadership style Techniques to lead and influence others How to build and execute your vision Everything you need to know to become an authentic and dynamic leader. qMy shelves groan under stacks of leadership books. But just a very few stand out as solid gold. The Financial Times Guide to Leadership merits inclusion in that select company. There is simply no excuse for not applying its very practical steps. I'd urge you to start or continue your journey here!q Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence qFinally, a first-class leadership book that focuses on the 'how' and 'what' as well as the 'why' and 'when'. Full of practical steps to take you to the next level.q Doug Richard, entrepreneur and founder of School for Startups qLeadership is at the intersection of competence, charisma and the ability to think big for yourself and for others. The Financial Times Guide to Leadership gives you the tools you need to navigate this junction with success.q Mercedes Erra, Executive President of Havas WorldwideA leadera#39;s ability to get results is entirely dependent on whether or not he or she can build a high-performance team and adequately motivate its members. a#39; Empowermenta#39; is the first key word here. It generally comes from delegating some ofanbsp;...

Title:The Financial Times Guide to Leadership ePub eBook
Author:Marianne Abib Pech
Publisher:Pearson UK - 2013-03-06


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