The Fiery Furnace Trilogy Boxed Set

The Fiery Furnace Trilogy Boxed Set

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Three full-length novels for the amazingly low price of one! Explore the trilogy where mystery, betrayal, and intimacy rest between the pages, culminating a good versus evil reading experience. In Renee Allen McCoya€™s debut novel, The Kiss of Judas, the storm of betrayal is brewing between main characters Isaiah Johnson and Justine Dasant. Isaiaha€™s new found strength to step out on faith steadily drives a wedge between the once seemingly happy couple. Soon, Isaiah begins to regret meeting Justine and finds it a challenge to escape her calculated stalking. In this captivating novel, the reader will discover at what cost Isaiah says no to the world and yes to God. As secrets are revealed in The Kiss of Judas, heartbreaking disclosures in the lives of sub-characters, Jermaine Grant and Nia Thomas, spiral lives into a startling off course collision in the stirring sequel, Confessions. As Jermainea€™s perfect life comes apart at the seams, Nia, Jermainea€™s girlfriend of two-years, struggles to keep her carefully designed mask from shattering to pieces. Exposure of Niaa€™s private world is threatened despite her attempts to conceal a secret that could change her familya€™s future forever. What happens when confessions are revealed without consent? They quickly discover that covering up a sin wona€™t make it go away. The final installment of this riveting series, The Eleventh Hour, further explores the complicated lives of Jermaine Grant and Nia Thomas. Challenged by the recent discovery of past events, Jermaine holds fast knowing that God wouldna€™t bring him this far a€b just to leave him. Nia reveals a piece of her past for the sake of sanity, but there is something else shea€™s holding back. Racing against the hands of time, Nia comes to term with the fact that the whole truth must be told as lives hang in the balance. The final piece of the puzzle lies within The Eleventh Houra€bSoft glowing candles graced the perimeter of the whirlpool tub filled with red rose petals atop white foamed bubbles. Only one of the attendants joined us in the room and she poured two long-stem glasses of specially requested apple cider.

Title:The Fiery Furnace Trilogy Boxed Set
Author:Renee Allen McCoy
Publisher:FaytheWorks Publishing LLC -


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