The Fearless Five

The Fearless Five

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Jordie, Jess, Marty, Robbie and Josh - The Fearless Five. Sure they come from the wrong side of the tracks, but money isn't everything. Using their imaginations and whatever resources they can scrounge up, The Fearless Five roll from one adventure to the next. Some of the stunts they pull-off are life defining. Some are just outright dangerous Together, or individually, The Fearless Five get themselves into and out of many sticky situations, from being marooned on the pylon of a bridge, stuck halfway up a cliff face or seemingly left for dead in an underground cave when somebody cuts their ropes. Ah, life in the mid-sixties, when a kid could be a kid. The Fearless Five - One Up is a no-holds barred adventure. About the Author: David J. McMullen grew up in Montagu Bay, Tasmania, the setting for The Fearless Five trilogy. David has completed the second book in the series, The Fearless Five - A Journey of Discovery, and is currently putting the finishing touches to the last book in the series, The Fearless Five - Searching for a Niche. http: // was the last cab off the rank, full of bravado as he exclaimed, a#39;You think you bozos were fast, just watch and drool.a#39; With that ... Mum was gonna take it to the watch repair bloke but she hasna#39;t done it yet.a#39; Robbie ... Guess who was first?

Title:The Fearless Five
Author:David J. McMullen
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2011


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