The Falls

The Falls

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What if you could take a real life ride down a turbulent river through raging rapids and over the most famous waterfall in the world? And survive. Maybe. Would the thrill and the rush of adrenaline be worth the danger of such a risky adventure? The Ultimate Thrill Corporation is betting that you would be willing to take just such a risk. And they believe their high-tech passenger craft can endure the rigors of just such a journey. What no one can foresee is how mysterious events in the plunge basin-a void at the base of the Falls so deep that it has never been surveyed, will forever change the lives of all who dare to enter into it. Then there is the mystique of the Falls itself, with its deadly history and the haunting psychological shadow that it casts over its denizens and all who dare to challenge it. Let Ro Walsh, a self proclaimed river rat who knows just about all there is to know about the Falls and whose job it is to fish its victims out once they resurface-if they resurface, be your guide, as you discover the dark secrets that are hidden underneath the Niagara faAsade. In any event you'll never look at Niagara Falls in quite the same way again.He was wearing a sort of black ski mask with cutouts forthe eyes nose and mouth. Through thenarrow view of thelenses, I followed theshaft of the tower down toground level wherea collection of people and police cars had gathered, providinganbsp;...

Title:The Falls
Author:Robyrt Snyder
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2009-02-03


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