The Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors

The Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors

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The Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors reveals the victimsa€™ frank and thought-provoking answers to searching questions about their experiences: Was the Holocaust Goda€™s will? Was there any meaning or purpose in the Holocaust? Was Israel worth the price six million had to pay? Did the experience in the death camps bring about an avowal of faith? A denial of God? A reaffirmation of religious belief? Did the Holocaust change beliefs about the coming of the Messiah, the Torah, the Jews as the chosen people, and the nature of God? Drawing on the responses of seven hundred survivors, Reeve Robert Brenner reveals the changes, rejections, reaffirmations, doubts, and despairs that have so profoundly affected the faith, practices, ideas, and attitudes of survivors, and, by extension, the entire Jewish people. Many survivors carried their deepest secrets and innermost beliefs silently, from internment to interment. But Brennera€™s quest provided the impetus for many survivors to end their silence about the past and come forth with their feelings. In poignant vignettes scattered throughout the book, their answers to these profound questions are offered, disclosing ardent, overpowering passions and sensibilities.Nor was this study undertaken to provide answers to complex theological, sociological, and historical questions. Its intention was rather to find out before the generation passes away and the questions are past asking what survivors of the mostanbsp;...

Title:The Faith and Doubt of Holocaust Survivors
Author:Reeve Robert Brenner
Publisher:Transaction Publishers - 2014-03-31


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