The "Fables" of Jean de La Fontaine: Manual of a universal pedagogy

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The architectural premise of the Fables of Jean de La Fountaine is the pedagogy of being. This type of universal teaching flows from the very nature of the Lafontainian proposition Homo homine lupus or Man is a wolf for man. The pedagogy of being, the corner stone as well as the ultimate goal of the Lafontainian Fables (the universal album where everyone and everything are depicted: the Self, the Other and the world), is the main objective of this dissertation. It seeks to explain the preponderance, the functionality, the ultimate goal, the effectiveness, the universality and the essence of the prescriptive nature of the pedagogy of being of The Fables. From this point of view, the study is divided into three main parts. (A) Part I: Apologue, Parable, Prophecy. It comprises three sections which not only illustrate the Lafontainian claim the fable is the parable but further postulate that the fable and the parable are parallel to prophecy. It is concluded that they are three types of pedagogical discourses that are similar in every aspect. (B) Part II: Apologue, Physiognomy. The aim of this part is to show the quintessential difference between physiognomony (as a knowledge derived from conjecture) and fable (as a knowledge derived from experience). (C) Part III: The General Conclusion, which illustrates that the Lafontainian Fables are a type of mediation through which one can gain a greater understanding of the Self, the Other and the World; for in the Lafontainian vision of the world, qManq is the microcosmic summary of all that is.Car la rAcvAclation des pensAces intimes de la#39;homme que prAcsuppose la physiognomonie (ou tout processus divinatoire) Acvoque la#39;outrecuidance humaine contre laquelle dAcclame la pAcdagogie judAco-chrActienne. En effet, la vanitAc de prActendreanbsp;...

Title:The "Fables" of Jean de La Fontaine: Manual of a universal pedagogy
Author:Hollant Maxford Adrien
Publisher:ProQuest - 2007


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