The 'Expatriat' Legacy - Jericho Light

The 'Expatriat' Legacy - Jericho Light

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An outrageous plan, to rob a consignment of diamonds belonging to Saddam Hussein, goes wrong when two missiles, to be used as a diversion during the heist, become a target for Iraqi terrorists. Working undercover for MI6, Harry Blake has the task of transporting the weapons from Masirah Island, to the Gulf of Aqaba, intending to launch them harmlessly, into the sea off the west coast of Israel. With alarms activated in Tel Aviv, the streets would clear, making the robbery a certainty. Unfortunately the ships crew reveal themselves as the terrorists, intent on using the missiles themselves, for a chemical attack on Tel Aviv. Jerich Light is called for. But this revolutionary early-warning system is untried, and is under threat from a separate terrorist assault. The drama and uncertainty raises the tension of this gripping thriller, and will not disappoint any reader. This is the second book in The 'Expatriat' Legacy series, and well worth a reThen, turning to the soldier, he took his arm and led him to one of the launchers. a#39; You my must show me the ... While Saladin stood on the running board she moved slowly towards the road. a#39;Ita#39;s almost eleven. You should be thereanbsp;...

Title:The 'Expatriat' Legacy - Jericho Light
Author:Ken Dixon - 2005-10


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