The Evaluation of opportunities of electronic commerce to retailing companies in the UK and Hong Kong

The Evaluation of opportunities of electronic commerce to retailing companies in the UK and Hong Kong

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: The thesis Evaluation of opportunities of Electronic Commerce to retailing companies in the UK and Hong Kong is written with particular emphasis on Internet banking. The primary objective of the research was to evaluate opportunities e-commerce provides to the retail banking industry in the UK and Hong Kong. The thesis looks at already established Banks who extend their distribution channels by offering Internet banking as well as pure Internet banks. Chapter one provides a brief overlook of the approach and methodology to the thesis. Chapter two contains a general overview about the Internet and e-commerce. Chapter three deals with Internet banking and how the Internet affect the distribution of financial services. Chapter four analyses the macro environment for retail banking in the UK and Hong Kong. Chapter five then tries to identify opportunities for Internet banking but also possible threats and weaknesses. Chapter six makes the attempt to find determinants of successful Internet banking. The final chapter provides a brief summary of the thesis and an outlook of the future of Internet banking. At the end of the research, the authors expected four gains. First, improve the skills, from research to data collecting, language, analytical and problems solving, etc. Secondly, the study in dept about e-commerce and the banking industry of Hong Kong and the UK will drive the authors to the international approaches and experiences. Thirdly, the methodology and writing expression will enhance author communication skills. Finally, the author hopes that companies can benefit from the findings of this thesis. Inhaltsverzeichnis:Table of Contents: 1.APPROACH AND METHODOLOGY TO THE THESIS1 2.THE INTERNET AND E-COMMERCE2 2.1THE INTERNET AND ITS EMERGENCE2 2.2INTERNET PENETRATION2 2.3FACTORS THAT AFFECT INTERNET PENETRATION5 2.3.1New technologies5 2.3.2Cost of Internet access7 2.4THE DEFINITION OF E-COMMERCE9 2.5THE INTERNET AS A PLATFORM FOR E-COMMERCE11 2.6TRENDS IN E-COMMERCE12 2.6.1The second generation of e-commerce12 2.6.2E-commerce in a global market place14 2.6.3Increased familiarity with Information Technology15 3.INTERNET BANKING17 3.1THE INTERNET AS A DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL FOR BANKING SERVICES17 3.2THE DEVELOPMENT AND GROWTH OF INTERNET BANKING18 3.3THE IMPACT OF TECHNOLOGY20 3.3.1on categorisation of services20 3.3.2on customers21 4.RETAIL BANKING AND THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE MACRO ENVIRONMENT23 4.1ASSESSMENT OF THE BRITISH BANKING ENVIRONMENT24 4.1.1Political Environment24 4.1.2Economical Environment26 4.1.3Social Environment29 4.1.4Technological Environment30 4.1.5Outlook for the Internet banking environment of the UK30 4.2ASSESSMENT OF THE BANKING ENVIRONMENT OF HONG KONG31 4.2.1Political Environment31 4.2.2Economical Environment33 4.2.3Social Environment37 4.2.4Technological Environment38 4.2.5Outlook for the Internet banking environment of Hong Kong38 5.INTERNET BANKING OPPORTUNITIES IN THE UK AND HONG KONG40 5.1SWOT ANALYSIS40 5.1.1Strengths40 5.1.2Weakness41 5.1.3Opportunities44 opportunities44 reduction44 and communication48 selling opportunities51 for traditional banks53 opportunities56 experience and Internet penetration56 banking as facilitator of e-commerce58 competition59 technologies60 banking as a means of customer segmentation63 5.1.4Threats64 for all Internet banking providers64 for Internet only banks66 for traditional banks67 5.2MICHAEL PORTER FIVE FORCES68 5.2.1New entrants68 5.2.2Power of buyers and suppliers70 5.2.3Rivalry71 UK Market71 Hong Kong Market77 5.2.4Substitute80 5.3VALUE CHAIN ANALYSIS81 6.DETERMINANT OF SUCCESSFUL INTERNET BANKING IN THE UK AND HONG KONG86 6.1SITE RESPONSIVENESS, EFFECTIVENESS AND FULFILMENT88 6.2TRUST, CONFIGURATION a CUSTOMISATION, INFORMATION a STATUS89 6.3PROACTIVE SERVICES AND VALUE ADDED SERVICES90 6.4INTERNET BANKING SURVEYS92 7.CONCLUDING REMARK AND OUTLOOK FOR INTERNET BANKING94 REFERENCES100 BOOKS100 ARTICLES103 NEWSPAPERS106 INTERNET110 APPENDIX123In Hong Kong AC Nielsen, a market research agency published survey in April 2000 which found that 650, 000 people in Hong ... On the other side Internet banks, in competition with bricks and mortar banks and credit card companies, facilitate e-commerce purchases of any king. ... service in May 2000 and was planning a service fee of 5 to 8 per cent for its so called payment gateway service (Ng 2000).

Title:The Evaluation of opportunities of electronic commerce to retailing companies in the UK and Hong Kong
Author:Thorsten Rohn - 2000-11-02


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