The Essentials of Science, Grades 7-12

The Essentials of Science, Grades 7-12

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Where is U.S. secondary-level science education heading today? That's the question that The Essentials of Science, Grades 7-12 sets out to answer. Over the last century, U.S. science classes have consistently relied on lectures, textbooks, rote memorization, and lab demonstrations. But with the onset of NCLB-mandated science testing and increased concern over the United States' diminishing global stature in science and technology, public pressure is mounting to educate students for a deeper conceptual understanding of science. Through lively examples of classroom practice, interviews with award-winning science teachers and science education experts, and a wide-ranging look at research, readers will learn * How to make use of research within the cognitive sciences to foster critical thinking and deeper understanding. * How to use backward design to bring greater coherence to the curriculum. * Innovative, engaging ideas for implementing scientific inquiry in the classroom. * Holistic strategies to address the complex problems of the achievement gap, equity, and resources in the science classroom. * Strategies for dealing with both day-to-day and NCLB assessments. * How professional learning communities and mentoring can help teachers reexamine and improve their practice. Today's secondary science teachers are faced with an often-overwhelming array of challenges. The Essentials of Science, Grades 7-12 can help educators negotiate these challenges while making their careers more productive and rewarding.Science as inquiry. ... So the students learned about the chemistry of ozone and its effect on the environment, and they visited 3rd grade classes ... It becomes another cookbook lesson, even though the lessons raise interesting ideas to follow.

Title:The Essentials of Science, Grades 7-12
Author:Rick Allen
Publisher:ASCD - 2007-11-15


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