The Essential Guide to Energy Healing

The Essential Guide to Energy Healing

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In our complex times, innumerable people are stricken with disease, discomfort, and pain-some from identifiable sources and others rooted deeply in psychological trauma. More and more people are turning to natural, holistic therapies to supplement or replace traditional medicine, ease pain, and heal the source of their suffering. The Essential Guide to Energy Healing illuminates the various uses of body and earth energy to mitigate disease and suffering and helps readers judge for themselves which methods will be most effective for their ailments-or those of others they wish to heal. Practical steps show how to put these energies to use. Topics covered include: AmWhat energy medicine is and how it works AmMagnet therapy AmLight therapy AmCymatic (sound) therapy AmPsychic healing AmTherapeutic touch AmHealing touch AmEsoteric healing AmQi Gong healing AmReiki AmPranic healing AmCrystal healing AmDistant healingIta#39;s what hypnotherapists used to call a posthypnotic suggestion but today call an anchor. Do it together with hearing the word root and seeing the image ofthe roots. The anchor will be multisensory and the rooting will be deepened. Qi Gung anbsp;...

Title:The Essential Guide to Energy Healing
Author:Ben Andron, Dr. Michael Andron
Publisher:Penguin - 2012-08-07


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