The Escort Girl

The Escort Girl

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Antonio is an idealistic foreign student who wants to believe that great love stories can exist outside of Hollywood movies. When he meets a beautiful young woman during a hotel fire alarm evacuation, she seems to confirm all of his romantic notions. But the girl of his dreams isn't what he imagined she would be. Ninna is an escort girl. A passionate affair begins. If their relationship is to survive, the lovers must overcome serious obstacles. Will Antonio be able to achieve his ambitions if he stays with Ninna? Will their love withstand the prejudice that comes from those who don't understand? Don Juan de Antonio is a young writer and big dreamer from Croatia, and it is dreamers like him who are the saviors of the world, the architects of heaven. He wrote The Escort Girl, his first novel, when living in the United States as a student.Don Juan de Antonio. compelling and informative for the reader, since, as you know, ita#39;s the title that makes readers pick out your book and get interested in it, a€ she advised. a€œThata#39;s why I want to give it more thought. See you tomorrow, then.

Title:The Escort Girl
Author:Don Juan de Antonio
Publisher:Wheatmark, Inc. - 2011-12-01


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