The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles

The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles

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Who was Richard Kemp, after whom the Kempa€™s ridley sea turtle is named? Is Wakea€™s Gecko named after Berkeleya€™s Marvalee Wake? Or perhaps her husband, David? Why do so many snakes and lizards have Werner in their name? This reference book answers these and thousands of other questions about the origins of the vernacular and scientific names of reptiles across the globe. From Agkistrodon piscivorus conanti, the Florida cottonmouth subspecies named for Roger Conant, to Xantusia, the night lizard genera namesake of John Xantus, this dictionary covers everyone after whom an extant or recently extinct reptile has been named. The entries include a brief bio-sketch, a list of the reptiles that bear the individuala€™s name, the names of reptiles erroneously thought to be associated with the person, and a summary of majora€”and sometimes obscure or even incidentala€”contributions made by the person to herpetology and zoology. An introductory chapter explains how to use the book and describes the process of naming taxa. Easy to use and filled with addictivea€”and highly usefula€”information about the people whose names will be carried into the future on the backs of the worlda€™s reptiles, The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles is a handy and fun book for professional and amateur herpetologists alike.The Eponym Dictionary of Mammals is recommended for public libraries and academic libraries, particularly those at schools with biology and veterinary programs.aquot;a€” American Reference Books Annual aquot;This is a fascinating booka€”highly ...

Title:The Eponym Dictionary of Reptiles
Author:Bo Beolens, Michael Watkins, Michael Grayson
Publisher:JHU Press - 2011-07-26


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