The End of Peace

The End of Peace

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This multi-book series is an epic saga that follows a diverse set of characters through the seven-year Tribulation into the Millennium. Pastors, prayer warriors, FBI/CIA agents, Illuminati leaders, the Anti-Christ, the False Prophet, and the Islamic Mahdi vie against each other and God in this compelling drama that presents a strong Biblical case for a pre-wrath rapture that occurs after the midpoint of the Tribulation. This fourth book explores the role of Islam in end-time events, with the Mahdi representing the return of the Prophet Muhammad as the Twelth Imam, who presumably is the redeemer of Muslims and who establishes Islam as the world religion. Pope Radinsky and his assistant Mustafa go to great lengths to produce a Mahdi along with many of the prophesied major and minor signs of Islamic eschatology, resulting in a showdown between Islam, Jews, Christians and the New World Order. Meanwhile, the revival on Bali expands supernaturally, after which the two witnesses return to Jerusalem for a major confrontation with the Global Czar in Jerusalem. They then set off on a God-directed supernatural trip retracing Jesus' journey through the Holy Land. Back in the U.S., the Counter-Insurgency Agencies and the hideaways must counteract Sir William's protracted attempts to locate and destroy them. Pastor John Jacobsen was a Director of Management Science at two Fortune 100 corporations, an executive in the software industry, and President of Meals-on-Wheels in Prescott, Arizona. He became a pastor in 2001 and was the founder of the Gospel of Grace Food a Clothing Bank and the Lion of Judah ministries. Pastor Jacobsen also served as the Prayer Coordinator for Yavapai County in Arizona for several years. Reared a Lutheran, John became a pastor in a Pentecostal church and now considers himself to be non-denomJohn Jacobsen. abbey stood strong like an ancient castle, they could see for miles around a€” not that there was anything to see other than vast ... All that was required was manual labor which took up all the monksa#39; time save for eating, devotions and services. In the winter, they sold excess food to buy enough gasoline to run their sole tractor through a farmers market that came out to pick up the produceanbsp;...

Title:The End of Peace
Author:John Jacobsen
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2010-07


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