The Electronics Companion

The Electronics Companion

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Understand Introductory Electronics Updated and expanded with new topics, The Electronics Companion: Devices and Circuits for Physicists and Engineers, 2nd Edition presents a full course in introductory electronics using a unique and educational presentation technique that is the signature style of the authora€™s companion books. This concise yet detailed book covers introductory electrical principles (DC and AC circuits), the physics of electronics components, circuits involving diodes and transistors, transistors amplifiers, filtering, operational amplifiers, digital electronics, transformers, instrumentation, and power supplies. A Convenient, Student-Friendly Format Rich with Diagrams and Clear Explanations The level of coverage is introductory but at enough depth to enable students to undertake simple circuit design and construction. The book includes tutorial problems and a comprehensive set of laboratory experiments requiring conventional components and test equipment. Be sure to check out the authora€™s other companion books: The Materials Physics Companion, 2nd Edition The Physics Companion, 2nd Edition The Mathematics Companion: Mathematical Methods for Physicists and Engineers, 2nd Edition The Chemistry CompanionDevices and Circuits for Physicists and Engineers, 2nd Edition Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps ... Diode circuits Transistor characteristics NiCad Battery charger Clippers and clamps Transistor amplifier Experiment 10: Amplifier design Experimentanbsp;...

Title:The Electronics Companion
Author:Anthony C. Fischer-Cripps
Publisher:CRC Press - 2014-09-10


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