The eBay Myth-Bu$ter

The eBay Myth-Bu$ter

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This groundbreaking book shatters such common beliefs as the highest bid determines the final price, Sunday night is the best time to end auctions, and more Pioneer eBay seller David Busch shows buyers how to find bargains through misspelled words, items that are incorrectly categorized, and other qhidden auctionsq Packed with unpublished secrets for eBay success, this book provides the real story behind each myth and supplies proven success techniques Explains how multiple accounts can benefit sellers, where to find truly free shipping, and how to identify items that will produce the highest profit The author shares his imaginative solutions that have resulted in thousands of profitable eBay transactionsYour due diligence in searching eBay uncovers an auction for an item youa#39;re interested in but it has five days to run. You dona#39;t want to ... My sniping service hasna#39;t failed to enter a bid yet, and no manual sniper has had time to respond, either!

Title:The eBay Myth-Bu$ter
Author:David D. Busch
Publisher:Wiley - 2004-09-24


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