The Earth Only Endures

The Earth Only Endures

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For most of human history, we have lived our daily lives in a close relationship with the land. Yet now, for the first time, more people are living in urban rather than rural areas, bringing about an estrangement. This book, by acclaimed author Jules Pretty, is fundamentally about our relationship with nature, animals and places. A series of interlinked essays leads readers on a voyage that weaves through the themes of connection and estrangement between humans and nature. The journey shows how our modern lifestyles and economies would need six or eight Earths if the entire worlds population adopted our profligate ways. Pretty shows that we are rendering our own world inhospitable and so risk losing what it means to be human: unless we make substantial changes, Gaia threatens to become Grendel. Ultimately, however, the book offers glimpses of an optimistic future for humanity, in the very face of climate change and pending global environmental catastrophe.See Lee and Daly for a summary of hunter-gatherer groups across the world. See also Fikret Berkesa#39;s Sacred Ecology (1999) for an excellent account of the Cree of north-east Canada, and his edited volume Breaking Ice (Berkes et al, 2005)anbsp;...

Title:The Earth Only Endures
Author:Jules Pretty
Publisher:Routledge - 2012-05-04


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