The DVD Murders

The DVD Murders

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Someone is killing the A-List actors of Hollywood, shooting them dead, and leaving a defaced DVD of one of their films at the crime scene. Enter Detective Second Class Frank Callahan, a big, tough, rough and tumble sort of guy who happens to be gay. Follow him and his fellow Irish Catholic sidekick, Barry, as they pursue the elusive DVD killer over the streets of Hollywood, through gay bars, bath houses and cruising grounds, on a chase around Magic Mountain Amusement Park, Forest Lawn, Sunset Strip and other L.A. landmarks. Witness Callahan's evolution from a seeker of personal glory to team player, his monumental showdown with a gay-bashing rival detective, the brutish Moose Koehler, and his reunion with his estranged lover, a fascinating character named Car. In the end, it's good, old-fashioned police work with an assist from Barry's Aunt Bee, a walking encyclopedia of film lore that leads to the killer's downfall in an exciting climax reminiscent of Hollywood's legendary gangster films.Yes, it was a Honda, a Honda Civic, as Callahan had guessed, but it was a much older model than he thought. a€œNo, ita#39;s a ... Oh, they may change the oil and things like that, but they usually wait until something breaks down before they fix it.

Title:The DVD Murders
Author:Bob Frey
Publisher:Bob Frey - 2009-01


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