The Dust Bowl to WWII

The Dust Bowl to WWII

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Americans, who sacrificed everything, including their sons and daughters, in an effort to save the world from Germany and Japan during World War II, will forever be known as the Greatest Generation. In this historical novel by veteran Captain Bob Norris, Robert Elliot emerges as an iconic representative of the generation that helped the United States win the war and begin an unrivaled period of prosperity. Fleeing the environmental and economic devastation of the Dust Bowl; Elliot's family moves to the Alaskan frontier to carve out a new life as homesteaders. As a young man, he discovers his two loves: flying airplanes and his eventual bride, Dee. Everything changes for Elliot and for America, on Dec. 7, 1941, when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. As a fighter pilot in the Army Air Corps, he engages the enemy; shooting down Japanese planes when his plane is shot down near Borneo, Elliot begins his greatest battle, the fight to survive captivity and return home to Dee. He only thought life in the Dust Bowl and Alaskan frontier were challenging. Being a prisoner of war and his escape is a trial unlike any other. An interesting and historically accurate account of life in the United States before and during WWII from the perspective of a kid growing up in the dust bowl to air combat in the Pacific. The young man then transitions to a fledgling airline business, while offering us a glimpse of what our parents endured in America when they were young. You feel like you were actually there during those earlier, difficult years! Well Done!He would turn on a dime, fire at us, break off and point his aircraft skyward, flying vertically and then slip off on one wing and end ... To pass the time between missions, we set up a baseball diamond and there always seemed to be a game of ball ... The service magazines and newspapers were a special treat, particularly the a€œWilliea€ cartoons that seemed to poke fun at the upper brass. ... Mimeograph sheets were printed up and posted on bulletin boards or passed from one to another.

Title:The Dust Bowl to WWII
Author:Captain Bob Norris
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2014-08-11


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