The Domestic Vietnam

The Domestic Vietnam

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Forty-five years after a tour of duty in I Corps, Vietnam, enhanced by a successful career of writing and speaking, author Dick Fox sat down to study and recall the duties, actions, regrets, and politics of Americaa€™s most confused war. The Domestic Vietnam takes a reader through the violent, treacherous actions of a Marine Sergeanta€™s life in I Corps attached to a Marine Air Group helicopter unit based in Phu Bai and Quang Tri. Fox takes the reader from Quang Tri, to the Battle of Hue, to Khe Sanh and Con Thien a€“ Nama€™s Tet Offensive hottest spots. Along the way, Fox presents the Domestic side of the war in Nam; in homes, families and neighborhoods. The Domestic Nam vividly pinpoints Nam life, and a small part of the wara€™s misconceptions and atrocities. Travel Nama€™s I Corps with two Sergeants, close-up and personal a€“ and then 35 years later. Foxa€™s summations are a riveting must for anyone concerning themselves with Americaa€™s war in South Vietnam, and the era in general.How many ways can a bike gang of eight to nineyearolds, get in trouble with hands full of worms to work with? ... Worms attract birds, and birds attract BB guns . Ditches ... for bikers to crash through, become airborne on the backside, dry or flooded (even more fun when flooded), and proceed without a wobble or wheel rim bending crash. ... With an east to west biker gang, all dedicated to their ditch tricks in.

Title:The Domestic Vietnam
Author:Dick Fox
Publisher:Page Publishing Inc - 2015-06-18


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