The Doctrine of Presence

The Doctrine of Presence

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The Doctrine of Presence introduces the reader to honest men and women challenged with half-truths and false accusations during their attempts to expose animal abuse among wildlife cinematographers in Kenya. A bewildering transition from benign exposition to bloody manhunts places them on a poacher kill list. The novel demonstrates how stubborn resolve and evoked skills can meet any challenge; individually or governmentally fabricated. There are no heroes in The Doctrine of Presence; only normal people disgusted with the waste of Earth's beauty and innocence. It promotes active participation in the rescue and elevation of life rather than the current apathetic crawl toward gradual destruction of natural life for the sake of false religious dogmas and personal wealth. The novel exposes the true evil of poaching and shines a white light on at least two of its root causes. It also heralds the efforts of animal rescue organizations and poacher hunters worldwide. The pace, depth and empathy invite the reader along for the ride to sweet revenge.No one wanted to approach her until, with an eye to his long-range scope, Gimp announced that in fact she was a female and had a small calf with her. The calf had ... Ita#39;s the only thing I ever saw Fredo read an instruction manual on. As theanbsp;...

Title:The Doctrine of Presence
Author:Benjamin Vance - 2013-06-09


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