The Doctor's PDA and Smartphone Handbook: A Guide to Handheld Healthcare

The Doctor's PDA and Smartphone Handbook: A Guide to Handheld Healthcare

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This is an essential guide for doctors wishing to maximise the potential of their PDA or smartphones and is the only book available to address the specific needs of doctors in relation to PDAs and smartphones. Handheld computers, or PDAs, are computers small enough to hold in your hand or fit into your pocket. Smartphones are PDAs which also allow the user to make and receive phone calls. For doctors, PDAs are possibly the most clinically appropriate of all the computer devices created. The Doctor's PDA and Smartphone Handbook aims to introduce readers to the basics of PDAs. Comprehensive in its approach and easily accessible to those with no technical knowledge, the first few chapters demonstrate how the devices are used and how effective they can be in day-to-day clinical care and in training activities. Communication and sharing data and clinical information is enhanced if the full team is equipped with PDAs, and later chapters discuss more advanced uses and issues that should be considered if planning to equip the whole team. The text is accompanied by invaluable teaching videos and vignettes illustrating how teaching points covered in each chapter can be applied to realistic scenarios. Written by one of the world's leading experts on the clinical uses of mobile computing, Dr Mohammad Al-Ubaydli is now a researcher in the USA. The online videos are by Dr Chris Paton, Director of New Media New Medicine and creator of some of the world's leading websites for clinical education. Together, they have combined their expertise and have created a highly informative and effective text.Finally, users of Palm Powered machines should get the freely available DualDate software ( This allows you to beam your entire diary to another machine rather than just beaming one event at a time.

Title:The Doctor's PDA and Smartphone Handbook: A Guide to Handheld Healthcare
Author:Mohammad Al-Ubaydli
Publisher:Idiopathic Publishing - 2006-04-12


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