The Dictionary of Virology

The Dictionary of Virology

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Completely revised and updated to take into account the new taxonomy and grouping changes made by the International Committee on Taxonomy of Viruses in their 8th Report, this book provides an authoritative and concise list of all viruses affecting vertebrate species, from humans to fish. *Includes the new viruses of medical or veterinary importance that have emerged since 2001, such as the new human coronaviruses, SARS and NL63 and a new subtype of influenza (H1N2 *Includes new terms in virology *Extensive cross-referencing and illustrative tables further enhance the use of this bookTermination of translation is specified by a terminator codon UAG, UAA, or UGA except in mitochondria where UGA appears to code for ... See Avian leukosis virus. cohort study A type of prospective epidemiological study of a group of people which aims to gather new data and identify causea€“effect relationships. ... Coho salmon reovirus ELC (ELCV) A strain of Aquareovirus B in the genus Aquareovirus.

Title:The Dictionary of Virology
Author:Brian W.J. Mahy
Publisher:Academic Press - 2009-02-26


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