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This book explores both the practical and theoretical aspects of the Discrete Fourier Transform, one of the most widely used tools in science, engineering, and computational mathematics. Designed to be accessible to an audience with diverse interests and mathematical backgrounds, the book is written in an informal style and is supported by many examples, figures, and problems. Conceived as an qowner'sq manual, this comprehensive book covers such topics as the history of the DFT, derivations and properties of the DFT, comprehensive error analysis, issues concerning the implementation of the DFT in one and several dimensions, symmetric DFTs, a sample of DFT applications, and an overview of the FFT.An Ownersa#39; Manual for the Discrete Fourier Transform William L. Briggs, Van Emden Henson ... 310 fixed parameter of, gives a Fourier transform, 311 inverse defined by a contour integral, 310 numerical inversion, 310 numerical inversion example, ... 98-99, 189 and periodic, non-band-limited input, 189 graphical example, 192 graphically displayed, 99 Least squares error, 41 minimized by Chebyshevanbsp;...

Title:The DFT
Author:William L. Briggs, Van Emden Henson
Publisher:SIAM - 1995


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