The Devil Went to Law School

The Devil Went to Law School

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David Marshall is a law student with no morals, self-control or sense of ethics ... he is a perfect candidate to become a lawyer. In this hilarious book, law students, law professors, lawyers and even judges are exposed for everyone to see. Think you can trust your lawyer? How about the judge? Think again. They went to law school and learned how to lie, cheat and steal. Law school is the training ground for the worst society has to offer, and David Marshall drinks, fornicates and lies his way through school all the way to his ultimate goal: A law license. A legal license to lie, cheat and steal.Professor Ford had prepared a very detailed and regimented seating chart for the students to obey. He posted his seating chart outside of the two entrance doors to the classroom, and the students were crowding around both diagrams to find their names. The three ... B and C. The individual seats in each section were numbered, starting with the first seat in the front, left-hand corner as seat number one.

Title:The Devil Went to Law School
Author:D. B. Cooper - 2010-08


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