The Deep, Wide, and Dark

The Deep, Wide, and Dark

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Venture into the blackness of space with Dewey D. Whitea€™s well-wrought The Deep, Wide, and Dark. The science is nothing short of sorcery as an extra-terrestrial humanoid named John Jay Corsey gives mankind a dimensional boost from Einsteina€™s quantum theory for the love of a twenty-year-old stripper. With science heretofore unknown to humans but which was found to be related to the alien spacecraft that crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico, Corsey becomes the center of a massive project to build the first faster than light starship to take flight into universa incognita searching for two unearthly elements, but quickly more than rocks are found by the newly-minted Space Marine Corps. Corsey found mankind (specifically the U.S. government) unprepared but willing to build the machine. They jumped right in to the project with the verve and gusto typical of modern man: cobbling together human and extra-terrestrial science to make it a shining reality. On a fenced-in, 200 sq. mile swath of Arizona-New Mexico desert, Sol Base One is built. The nascent masters of the deep, wide, and dark universal empyrean, the Space Marines Corps recruits the best minds and bodies to man the Terrain Explorer, the first starship in human history. The rush to build it becomes a race as world politics views it as an unwise decision and prepares to stymie the shipa€™s launch after the Space Marinea€™s crafty commandant refuses to reveals the program and its intentions. The next decision made is to launch the mission (425 men on board the Terrain Explorer) before the U.N. could send in inspection teams. And thus, the fate of humanitya€™s first venture into the stars is sealed. Join Capt. Jackson Edison a€œJeda€ Devlon and the crew of the Terrain Explorer in what promises to be a thrilling, masterful exploration of the possibilities of time and space. Will they land on earth-like worlds such as humanity knows, therefore solidifying the fact of infinite replication in the universe? Who, amongst the extra-terrestrial races will they meet and who will be their friend or enemy? How will they survive? The permutations grip readers with excitement. The writing is riveting in detail and shines with crystal-clear believability. The future is at stake...... Louisiana on the July 26, 2012 at 1042 (CST) and rented a Jeep Liberty and drove the seventy-eight miles to my ... My boat was a little dusty, but David knew I was coming home and the batteries were fully charged, the gas was fresh, andanbsp;...

Title:The Deep, Wide, and Dark
Author:Dewey D. White
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2011-12-27


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