The Dawn of Animal Life

The Dawn of Animal Life

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This 1985 book examines the origin of the present diversity of marine invertebrate animals. A brief review of the early stages in the history of life discusses the time-scale of the relevant geological periods alongside corresponding events in the evolutionary sequence. These views of the early history of life are then matched against the fossil record and conjectures drawn from the living fauna, enabling the author to attempt an overview of the early diversification of marine animal life. Transitions to the succeeding assemblages of shellbearing fossils in Palaeozoic rocks are discussed and a number of stratigraphic adjustments are suggested for the period in which evolutionary events had their greatest impact on oceans and marine rock strata. The need for an interdisciplinary approach to early evolution is emphasized.5 Emerging animal life: thoughts on interactions of lithosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere 5. ... The two alternative answers to each of these three questions give eight possible combinations. Gould could fairly easily and clearly categorize the beliefs of the early palaeontologists in terms of these groups.

Title:The Dawn of Animal Life
Author:Martin F. Glaessner
Publisher:CUP Archive - 1985-06-20


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