The Dao of SEO

The Dao of SEO

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Figuring out the SEO world is like trying to solve a great mystery with every truth having an exception and every exception being someone's truth. All too often, it is a world full of half-truths and urban myths. For those of you just looking for tips or step-by-step guidelines, these first few pages may be a hard read, unless you like philosophy. The reason is simple: I have to tell you why I have called this book qThe Dao of SEO.q It concerns the number one mistake people make when trying to succeed on the Internet and it concerns the philosophical reasons for that mistake. I have to talk about the philosophy of Daoism and Yin/Yang theory. Don't worry; it will be fun! In my Book, you will learn industry-jargon, such as, Optimization, SEO, Spiders and Crawlers, Algorithm, Search Engine Ranking, SERP, On-Page Versus Off-Page Ranking Factors, Link Popularity, Page Rank, Toolbar Page Rank, White Hat SEO, Black Hat SEO, Source and Source Code, and much, much more.The advantage of a dynamic site is the ease with which you can make content changes even if you are not yourself a ... The websites that are most at risk of losing search engine positioning, due to dynamic URLs, are e-commerce storesanbsp;...

Title:The Dao of SEO
Author:Kenneth Sproul - 2008-04-01


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