The Dadly Way

The Dadly Way

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It is time for fathers to become more mindful in our approach to families, so that we might carve out the best possible future for our children, as well as their children. To do so, we must parent with presence, on purpose, today. From dealing with the ego, to calling for an end to the parenting wars, from learning how fatherhood has evolved, to knowing where it is heading, and from learning to listen deeply, to becoming more mindful parents, The Dadly Way provides a meaningful look at modern fatherhood. 1. Learn how fatherhood evolved to fit the needs of each generation 2. Challenge the myths associated with absentee fathers and deadbeat dads 3. Rebrand masculinity to suit your familya€™s needs and own your individual image of fatherhood 4. Learn to deal with the crushing effects of the ego and become the solution, rather than the problem 5. Become a a€œfriendly fathera€ who is viewed as competent, caring, and nurturing 6. Refine your sense of mindfulness through daily activities and deepen your relationship with your familyAfter this, everyone, adult and child alike, took part in an icebreaker. ... informational video, circa late80s Betamax, and during the video, the characters talked awkwardly about the changing female body ... how the female reproductive system works, and all the details they ever needed to know about getting their first period.

Title:The Dadly Way
Author:Josh Misner, Hogan Hilling
Publisher:Motivational Press - 2015-08-31


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