The Current Fight Within

The Current Fight Within

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Our nation faces daunting challenges. Sometimes the threat of terrorism or disaster comes from within. 1) Have you ever wondered who terrorists really are and what motivates them? 2) Are you aware of the measures our government has taken to prevent terrorism? 3) What are the protocols in place to assist when disaster strikes? 4) What part has racism and racial profiling played in antiterrorism? 5) What is Posse Comitatus? The Current Fight Within is a resource for anyone interested in the many facets of how terrorism affects America. It provides answers to many difficult questions to improve readers basic knowledge of major concerns our country faces. America only becomes as strong as the people defending it. You do not have to be in the military, law-enforcement, emergency services or in politics to make America strong. We can all make a difference to protect our nation simply by becoming more educated in antiterrorism. Edward Ackley draws on years of personal experience in antiterrorism, law enforcement, and infantry from his career in the Marine Corps as well as his dedicated service to firefighting, and combines it with sound research to provide this informative, fascinating, easy to read book.7) CJCS Instruction 3710.01A, DoD counter Drug Operational Support, 23 Apr 1997. 8) CJCS Instruction 3121.01, Standing Rules ... 13) DoD Manual 3025.1M, Manual for Civil Emergencies, Jun 1994. 14) DoD Dir. 5525.5, DoD Cooperation anbsp;...

Title:The Current Fight Within
Author:Edward P. Ackley, 1stSgt USMC Retired
Publisher:Author House - 2013-10


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