The Creator Code

The Creator Code

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Ancient messages from exploding black holes, assassins bent on mayhem, a murdered transsexual, secret groups vying for the ultimate secret from another universe, all happen in The Creator Code. Add in a slain scientist, federal agents on the run to save themselves and their friends, and a terrible gift from the stars, and you have an action-packed, science fiction thriller of the first order. Trouble starts when researcher, Phineas Bankhead, has his colleague and friend, Rhys Evans, run a statistical analysis on Lorimer Wave recordings. Rhys discovers the ancient bursts from space seem highly compressed and could contain a cryptic message. Phineas contacts Vera Bennington at DARPA headquarters to alert her of this fact. But when Phineas arranges to meet Rhys near his place of employment, to retrieve an important flash drive, kidnappers intercept and abduct him in broad daylight. Events take a dramatic turn for the worse. Rhys wonders why someone would abduct Phineas. Does the kidnapping have to do with the flash drive containing the radio bursts? Did Phineas mention the discovery to someone else besides him, perhaps the wrong person? When summoned, the police question whether a kidnapping even took place, since Rhys is the only witness to the supposed incident. Exasperated and half-convinced the cops are right; Rhys leaves the matter in police hands. He feels he can do no more to help. He continues work on the radio bursts in the hopes Phineas will be okay. Later, the police inform Rhys that Phineas is dead, having been brutally tortured. They want him to come in for questioning. Rhys realizes he is now a prime suspect and so goes on the run. Then, two assassins attempt to kill him. Now he has not only the police looking for him as a wanted murder suspect, but the assassins of Phineas, as well. In desperation, he contacts an acquaintance, Kyle Fortnum, who unknown to Rhys is an agent for the DOD on assignment to DARPA. He works for Vera Bennington, the person whom Phineas had called. With Veraa€™s permission, Kyle arranges for Rhys to meet him in New Mexico. His goal is to bring him in from the cold, to rescue him. But events go awry. When Kyle contacts Vera Bennington again, he discovers there are moles at DARPA, members of a group known as the Cabal, a secret inner circle of the Bilderberg Group. To bring Rhys in would not protect him, but instead endanger his life even more. He and Agent Jenna Blakely must try to hide Rhys until he can decode the radio bursts, discover the secrets of the enigma. The task is not an easy one. For the discovery Rhys has made now has unleashed a whirlwind of powerful opposing forces who all struggle to obtain the incredible prize. Rhys, Agents Kyle and Jenna, as well as computer programmer, Myra, go on the run from agents of the Cabal sent to kill them. The assassins are also intent on containing the knowledge of the significance of the radio bursts. The Cabal wants the contents of the message only for themselves. To complicate matters, an ancient society, The Brotherhood of the Snake opposes the Cabal and is intent on the opposite, on dispensing the secret knowledge to everyone. In the middle of all this, Agents Kyle and Jenna barely manage to stay just a step ahead of their enemies. At the same time, Rhys and his new companion, Myra, work feverishly to decode the message. They discover it comes not from aliens in outer space, but from a long-dead civilization in another universe. The aliens offer humanity an incredible gift and a dire warning. But is the gift the a€œpearl of great price?a€ For as Kyle and the rest find out, nothing comes without its terrible drawbacks. Still, agents Kyle and Jenna fight to keep all of them and the message safe until either help can arrive or they can reach some decision, for the contents of the message are explosive. If acted on, the directives will forever alter Eartha€™s future, humanitya€™s destiny. Then, when events come to a climax, Kyle must make a fateful decision. Should he take the ultimate step offered to him by the message? Does he dare become more than just a mere human in order to save them all? And if he takes this crucial step, can there be any going back for him, or for all of humanity? The Creator Code is an exciting, action-packed, suspense novel: a€œa real science fiction thriller, one that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats and makes them wonder whata€™s going to happen next! Not only does the fate of all humanity and Eartha€™s future hang in the balance, but that of the entire universe, as well! a€“ Author and Editor, Shelby Vick of Planetary Stories Magazine.The Creator Code is an exciting, action-packed, suspense novel: a€œa real science fiction thriller, one that keeps the reader on the edge of their seats and makes them wonder whata€™s going to happen next!

Title:The Creator Code
Author:Rob Shelsky
Publisher:Permuted Press - 2014-11-03


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