The Coutumes of France in the Library of Congress

The Coutumes of France in the Library of Congress

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Collections of local customary laws, or coutumes, played an important role in the development of modern French law and influenced legal development in the French colonies, including Louisiana. This handsome bibliography of one of the finest collections in the world, which contains seven color plates, is the standard guide. Beginning with general collections, it surveys coutumiers from the central, western, northern and eastern regions. The final section compiles coutumes of Written Law Regions (Pays de Droit Ecrit), such as Bordeaux and Toulouse. The volume is rounded off with a useful collection of appendixes: a glossary of geographic terms, a list of French rulers and a list of Holy Roman Emperors. It also has an index of names, an index of authors and compilers and an index of printers, publishers and vendors.Most of these appear without substantive change.19 In addition, because Louisiana is a civil law state whose code is ... 1968), vol 3 pt. 1, pp. 221-23. 4. Glasson, 4: 20-22. 5. Maurice Lefebvre, La Coutume comme source formelle de droitanbsp;...

Title:The Coutumes of France in the Library of Congress
Author:Library of Congress. European Law Division, Jean Caswell, Ivan Sipkov
Publisher:The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. - 2006-01-01


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