The Correspondence of Charles Darwin:

The Correspondence of Charles Darwin:

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Volume 8 opens with Darwin eagerly scrutinizing each new review, as one by one all the major media of the day carried notices of the book. To those who express their views privately in letters, Darwin responds patiently and thoughtfully, answering their objections and attempting to guide their fuller understanding of the operation of natural selection. His more personal thoughts emerge in letters to his friends Joseph Dalton Hooker, Charles Lyell, and Thomas Henry Huxley. This volume presents a wealth of detailed information, giving the full range of response to the Origin and revealing how Victorians coped with a theory that many recognized would revolutionize thinking about the organic world and human ancestry.1.2] crossed ink 2.1 I may] a#39;(18)a#39;3 brown crayon Diagram I: a#39;F. W. Hutton | 23d R. W. Fusiliers.a#39; ink; a#39;375 miles from N. Point of Sumatra aamp; rather more distant from Ceylona#39; pencil Diagram 2: a#39;F. W. Hutton | 23. ... 32-3, and Stenhouse 1990, pp. ... group of plants with a two-lipped corolla, in order to investigate the plantsa#39; mechanism of pollination (see letter to J. D. Hooker, [26 February or 4 March I860 ]).

Title:The Correspondence of Charles Darwin:
Author:Charles Darwin, Frederick Burkhardt
Publisher:Cambridge University Press - 1993-03-26


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