The Context of Constitution

The Context of Constitution

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This book sets out an extensive argument against the foundationalist theories of justification, and advocates new life for philosophy of science. The author brings together aspects of an ontology of the interpretative constitution of research objects and a holistic picture of sciencea€™s cognitive structures. The book is a contribution to a wide range of discussion concerning the post-Gadamerian extension of philosophical hermeneutics beyond the scope of the traditional humanistic culture.For instance, the rise of continental drift (in the form of plate tectonics whose research process is basically guided by the ... suitable or adequate is a question that can be answered by the practitionersa#39; interpretative self-reflection upon those situations in ... Through such a regulation, biologists are able to construct empirically verifiable and falsifiable theoretical models of the goal-directed features of wholeanbsp;...

Title:The Context of Constitution
Author:Dimitri Ginev
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2006-07-20


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