The Consort

The Consort

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In this story you will meet a young lady named Sarah, who comes to us timid and afraid. You will watch her grow into a strong, self-reliant woman who overcomes many hardships. Also you will get to know W. H. Huckalby, a doctor who finds himself faced with issues of loyalty, religion, conscience, fate, desires, and honor. The story takes place in Grand Gulf, Mississippi. This thriving port town on the Mississippi River flourished between 1830 and 1856. Flourished indeed, until the river washed most of it away. Today there is little left to testify to its splendor. There is an old cemetery there, and in it are tombstones that bear witness to those who lived and died long ago. Several of those tombstones inspired the author to write this book. Though completely fiction, it hopefully will reflect upon and honor some of the tragedies and hopes that those early settlers of our country endured. This story weaves around some enjoyable characters who will give you a fresh taste of southern charm and chivalry. Well seasoned with traits of loyalty, faith, honor, greed, vanity, deceit, courage, and the spice of gossip, you will come to appreciate their complex nature. You will find romance, humor, tragedy, adventure, and inspiring tales in these pages, and in the end you will find yourself wishing that this book would continue on. Will it? .qYe be careful what ye ask for, as to your amazement ye may just get it.qIn this story you will meet a young lady named Sarah, who comes to us timid and afraid.

Title:The Consort
Author:Mack R. May
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2004-04-27


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