The Compromising of America

The Compromising of America

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We're currently living in a fantasy world of smoke and mirrors where almost one-half of our population is receiving some level of unearned welfare, financial assistance and/or various other a€œentitlementa€ benefits. The number of beneficiaries has not only grown steadily over the generations, but has now reached a point where it has become a way of life...the norm. We've all heard about the a€œspecial interesta€ groups in Washington, well, guess what? Government is its own special interest group...the biggest special interest group of all. With no term limits members become so entrenched, by catering to a€œtheira€ special interest groups, that their reelections are almost guaranteed each reelection cycle. Government is now only the stooge perpetuating Ponzi economics. Wars are being waged to support the scheme. It is now job creation and economic growth at all costs, when jobs and economic growth are the problems, not the solution. Ponzi credit has created too many jobs. And most of those jobs have nothing to do with individuals making a living or creating tangibles. This planet no longer has government. It has disablement. The global Ponzi credit system is the greatest crime against humanity ever perpetrated. It has squandered the planet's resources and institutionalized un-sustainability. It has created money flow, control and power that make their way into the hands of the undeserving. It has created a global frenzy for profit. Humanity had almost defeated all its predation, competition and disease, only to find itself competing and preyed upon by the worst competition imaginable...itself. It has institutionalized necessity for economic growth and population increase when the planet cannot sustain it. The game controllers are poised to profit from dwindling resources through commodity investment and war. The world's jobs are dependent on the continuation of Ponzi credit creation.Less than a mile from Victora#39;s home is a former farmhouse whose new owner moved in several stationary Winnebagos, propane tanks, and outdoor cooking facilities...and apparently four or five entire families rent such facilities right outside hisanbsp;...

Title:The Compromising of America
Author:Richard McKenzie Neal
Publisher:Author House - 2011-09-26


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