The Complete Book of Polymer Clay

The Complete Book of Polymer Clay

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Box making has always been one of the perennial favourites of all wood projects and because wooden boxes make such meaningful gifts, this collection of beautiful, durable and functional box projects is sure to please. All of the designs are based on traditional boxes, historically inspired by Shaker, Arts a Crafts, and other popular styles. But this is not a book of exacting reproductions for master craftsmen only, these are attainable interpretations of some of the most enduring box designs, all presented in a step-by-step format, with photos and detailed instructions. The author, a fine-furniture maker, offers tried-and-true tips for avoiding pitfalls as well as alternative design and construction options. Most of the boxes are easy to build, though a few offer challenges. A wide array of design styles and the consistent high level of detail in the projects will appeal to a range of woodworkers.Even though most epoxies usually set very quickly, always allow the glue to cure for a full 24 hours before using your creation. If only one side of a plated metal object is covered with clay, you may need to remove it after baking and reattachanbsp;...

Title:The Complete Book of Polymer Clay
Author:Lisa Pavelka
Publisher:Taunton Press - 2010


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