The Comparison Game

The Comparison Game

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Let's face it: comparisons swarm us like flies on a hot summer's day. They're everywhere. Models on magazine covers make us green with envy. Everyone on the cheer team has mastered their back tuck, and we lag behind struggling to do so. In the hallways at school, every girl's hand is held by a boy, yet ours are unhappily empty. Because of this, our emotions fluctuate between pride and insecurity. Our identity is anchored in anything but Christ. Our lives are empty of truth. And the reason is simple. Comparison is the killer of joy. In The Comparison Game, Megan Gover makes the connection that many of us are living on a giant teeter-totter, weighing our worth against the lives of those around us. Whether we compare our beauty, talents, spiritual lives, friendships, families, dating relationships, or material possessions, we become stuck in a rut of hopelessness by not measuring up. Plummeting to inferiority or rising to pride, we suffer from the incessant tendency to compare ourselves, and it controls our every move. Providing practical tips with timeless truth, Megan Gover helps teen girls reclaim their joy from the vicious cycle of comparisons. The Comparison Game will help young women: Identify specific ways they compare themselves Pinpoint truth they are surrendering in those comparisons Counteract lies about their identity with Scripture Overcome comparisons in order to live joyfully After all, the Savior of this world died to give us joy. And, He doesn't want us to just hear or dream about it. He wants us to daily dwell and marinate in it.We compare all our tangible blessingsa€”our homes, cars, clothes, and electronics. ... The iPhone is more appealing than your outdated Android. ... the popular girls at school who look like Forever 21 mannequins to entertainment networks critiquing fashion, we understand that clothes make more 165 The Comparison Game.

Title:The Comparison Game
Author:Megan Gover
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2014-02


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