The Common Sense Sat Workbook

The Common Sense Sat Workbook

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The objective of the Common Sense SAT Workbook is simple: To help as many students as possible improve their SAT scores (Reading, Writing, Math) as much as possible. To achieve this end, the following means are provided: For each subject, a concise synopsis of test-taking techniques to help answer more questions correctly; for Reading, a basic study of Latin prefixes, roots and suffixes to improve vocabulary; for Writing, a complete English primer to learn or review the rules of grammar; and for Math, also a complete primer to learn or review all the skills and operations required for the test. For Writing and Math, each rule, skill or operation is defined, exemplified, proceeded by a set of ten related problems, then cross-referenced against the ten tests within the Official SAT Study Guide : Second Edition, the only available source for real SATs. Summarily, if a student makes an effort as well as learns from his or her mistakes -- a cornerstone to any good education -- then his or her SAT scores will naturally and significantly increase.The Unofficial Companion to the Official Sat Study Guide Igl Jon C. Freeman, Jon C. Freeman Igl ... (a) If a circle has a radius of 3, what is its circumference? (b) If 15 ... The formula for area of a sector (b) is: Area of Sector = (8/360)JIr2 Solve. 1.

Title:The Common Sense Sat Workbook
Author:Igl Jon C. Freeman, Jon C. Freeman Igl
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2010-01


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